Hearty Beef


Filet Mignon

8 ounces of mouth-watering, succulent center-cut. Need we say more?


At a whopping 16 oz., you’ll love this Texas-sized portion! Yee doggy!

New York Strip

Take a bite out of Broadway with this 12 oz. center-cut steak.


A steak connoisseur’s favorite. 12 oz. center-cut ribeye, prepared and aged to perfection.

Skillet of Steak Strips

Lightly marinated steak strips served on a bed of sautéed onions, peppers & mushrooms.

Chopped Steak

Smothered with grilled onions and mushrooms, this chopped steak is sure to hit the spot.

Filet Medallions

Tender medallions cut from a filet and grilled to your liking.



10 oz. Sirloin

Succulent center-cut.

 7 oz. Sirloin

Juicy center-cut petite.

Steak Toppers

Cheese Sauce



Peppers & Onions

Shrimp Skewer

About Our Steaks:

Rare: Cold red center

Medium Rare: Warm red center

Medium: Pink center

Medium Well: Hot, slightly pink center

Well Done: Hot gray center

*Please allow an additional 10-15 minutes cooking time for well done. We do not recommend nor guarantee steak that is ordered well done.

Notice: The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meat, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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