Reno's Appetizers Potato Skins

Spanish Rosebud

The finest onion this side of the Mississippi fried golden brown & served with Reno’s Rosebud dippin’ sauce.

Cheddar Taters

Tasty potato skins piled high with melted jack & cheddar cheeses, crispy bacon pieces, sliced green onions & sour cream.

Nachos Supreme

Golden fried tortilla chips doused with Reno’s White Chicken Chili & seasoned ground beef garnished with crisp green lettuce, fresh tomato, jalapeños, jack & cheddar cheeses and sour cream.

Chips, Cheese & Salsa

A heapin’ basket of tortilla chips with salsa and Reno’s white cheese sauce.

Chicken Nachos

Hefty portion of tortilla chips, topped with peppers, onions, sliced chicken, jalapeños, tomatoes and Reno’s white cheese sauce.

Cactus Spikes

Eight breaded mozzarella sticks served with marinara sauce.

Durango Cheese Spuds

This classic mix of seasoned fries, melted jack & cheddar cheeses, crispy bacon pieces and sliced green onions has a cool ranch flavor that will have your taste buds beggin’ for more.

Ranchero Skillet Queso

Bursting with flavor, our signature queso dip is a skillet loaded with all the fixins!

Prairie Fire Wings

1 lb. of Reno’s wings! Ask your server for celery and bleu cheese.

Boneless Wings

Same great Reno’s taste without the mess, no bones about it! 1 lb.

*Larger orders upon request.

Chicken Quesadilla

Flour tortilla chock-full of seasoned chicken and melted cheese. Served with lettuce, salsa & sour cream. Guacamole available on request.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms filled with crab meat smothered with mozzarella cheese.

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